Dennis & Emily Alejo

I grew up in the nation that food always a challenge, sometimes you can eat twice a day and sometimes you can’t eat at all.
My mom died when I was 8 years old and dad left us with my one younger brother and two older sister to find a job in the other Island so that he can support us.
My 2nd older sister quit her high school life to find work so that I can go to school, My 1st ever shoes when I was in 6th grade,I normally wear my broken fliplop, I remember going to school with bear foot. My grandma cut the pencil into 3 pieces so that I and my 2 cousins can can have something to write on.
I always fail in my grades unlike my old sisters that they got award at school, I felt useless and hopeless. So every time I hang-out with friends we drink (Tuba) which is a coconut wine and I got addicted (have a drinking problem).
Later on in my life my friends and my 2 sisters told me about Jesus, and remember our old nieghbor who sometimes bring food/poorage (which is rice with plenty of water and tiny pieces of chicken) and she always mentioned about God is love.
I surrender my life to God and He changed it, He takes away my alcoholism and open my eyes that their is hope and He is the Hope.
I become a pastor for years and I joined the missionary movement called (YWAM) Youth With A Mission and That’s how I met my beautiful wife Emily.
Today My wife and I together with our friends, we are feeding 3500 kids a month, we give them schools supply and share the hope of Jesus in their life. I look at these kids as me (Little Dennis) Our non-profit Kingdom Legacy Ministries is still growing and expanding.
I also run a business called Instant Web Tools, a web development company and ten percent of the profit will go directly to help kids.