How to turn a website into a prospecting machine

Many business owners don’t like forced sales, pushy people, or very salesy type situations. Your prospect can detect if you are trying to sell something to them or if you are trying to help.  Of Course, you can reverse the situation and let your prospect come to you instead. 

There are 5 steps for turning your website into a prospecting machine.

  1. Your website.
    A. Site Design.  Let your website tell your story and why people should choose you instead of your competitors.
    B. Make sure your website follows a ui/ux structure.  UI means the user interface  where people first take a glimpse at your site.  UX is the user experience and makes sure every single button works and functions well. To complete this UI/UX interface, your website needs to be mobile responsive so that it will adjust to every size screen.
  1. Branding that Reflects Who You Are.
    Your website needs wording and images that reflect your business, expertise, and services.
  2. Website Widgets.
    You want to put a response form for your user or even just a simple chat form to capture users information for leads.  This allows you to grow your audience for blog posts, updates, and marketing. Using google analytics to track all the user behavior in your website is clever as well.
  3. Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
    The majority of people are using Google to find businesses instead of other outdated methods, so it’s very crucial that your business will show up in the search results. You have to work on your off-page and on-page seo.
  4. Target Queries. Last but not the least, when you tie your website into the Google Console, you’ll be able to track search queries and can then create a targeted message about your business based on those results.

     Turning your website into a prospecting machine has multiple layers of work, but the Instant Web Tools team is here to help you. Call us today at 513-802-4668 or send us a note.

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