Super Typhoon Aftermath

Words can’t express sometimes the feeling of being so far away from the people you love when something as hard as today happened. Our team on the ground has reported in safe, though we are still waiting to hear from family on another island close to Cebu.

The KLM headquarters where we prepare meals and house the church has sustained some damage. Our water tank is gone, the area where they meet for church has been pretty much destroyed, and we’ve sustained some water damage from flooding, but we are so thankful that the house structure has stood firm and our little truck that brings the meals seems to be in okay shape as well! My heart hurts for our families in the feeding site directly around the central kitchen site and our friends in the dumpsites. As you can see from the pictures directly around the main kitchen site, many of their small homes are gone. We have yet to hear word from our other locations about how they have sustained the storm and how what little that they have already, has faired through the storm. But if there is one thing I have learned about the Filipino culture is the strength and relational bond that they have. We will work together to find ways to help each other and in the end God will work all things together for good. Some of you have asked about giving towards the repairs. We will be setting up a fund that will go towards helping KLM get back on it’s feet and bless some of our neighbors in the process to help make sure basic needs are met in this process of coming back.

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