Thank you Lifespring Church

Just before Christmas last year, the Philippines was devastated by Super Typhoon Odette.  With winds over 120 MPH, she raced through central Philippines, including the area where Kingdom Legacy Ministries is located.  With many of families in our area only living in shacks, you can imagine the destruction caused by pounding winds and rain and over 375 people lost their lives.   The KLM headquarters where the church is held and where we prepare all of the food for the feedings, sustained damage including the roofing, walls, and water tank being wiped out.   

Loss of electric, running water, and damage done to the entire island of Cebu caused many families to be without food and having lost most of their possessions, including clothes and shelter.  After just trying to recover from the COVID impact these past few years, the island as a whole was struggling.

For many, it would be a hard Christmas.

But we know from God’s word that out of hard, ugly looking things that God makes something beautiful.  We got a call from Pastor Steve that Lifespring was going to be able to donate some funds through the Christmas Eve offering to help with the typhoon relief and to insure that KLM would be able to get back up and operating.  

We are so grateful for the gifts that you gave during that time.  Between what the church gave and some generous gifts from friends and ministry partners, we have been able to help provide clothing, food, and even some special Christmas gifts to the families and communities we serve.  Over 300 families received food packages to help at a time when prices soared due to the lack of supply after the typhoon.  An additional 17 families were also given roofing materials to provide shelter.

And KLM?  We are going strong!  The church is literally rebuilding its walls and able to continue providing meals for hungry children, spiritual growth, AND eternal HOPE to the communities surrounding us.  When we think of our Lifespring family, we are reminded of the scripture in James that says, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.”  Thank you for making a difference in lives around the Globe as you give to ministries like ours.  You bring beauty and the Hope of Jesus to a world in need. 

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