What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does It Help My Business?

What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does It Help My Business? A repost from yesterday’s topic at IWT blog.

We are continuing our series on how to increase customers through your website by making sure you can be found online.  I’ll just do a quick reminder of four things that will help you in this process:

  1. Build Your Website
  2. Build A Social Media Presence
  3. Create A Google My Business Account
  4. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

In this final blog of our series, we dive into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it helps make you more visible to potential customers.

In today’s market you must be visible online and showcase your product, services or expertise.  A good majority of people get on their phones and use Google search engine when they are looking for something.

In a long list of items that pop up, how do you end up on top?

It will require some time and often some investment to do it, but SEO is vital to your growing business.  Businesses that implement SEO can build reliability and trust with potential customers, making it an important part of a digital marketing strategy.
Let’s first dive into what SEO is.

SEO are tools designed to improve the appearance or position of web pages in search results and that means it helps people to find you more easily.

There are two types of SEO: On-Page and Off-Page.

On-Page (Site) SEO is focused on content and optimizing titles, content, internal links and URLs.  It is focused on content that is linked to your website, which is why it is so important to have a well-developed website with critical SEO words on it.  We discussed more on building your website in our earlier blog: https://instantwebtools.com/blog/why-building-a-website-helps-you-to-get-potential-customers/

Off- Page (Site) SEO focuses more on optimizing signals that are off your website.  Examples of this might include links to your site from other sites, social media, and anything else that helps to build credibility about your content.

Here are two videos that break these down a little bit more.

-On-page SEO:

-Off-page SEO:

Whether you are using content driven SEO through on-page or links through off-page, it is important to have SEO in order to optimize your chance of being seen by potential customers.  If there are only 10 spots on a Google Search Page, you want to make sure that you are one of first ones seen.  

Let’s take a look at SEO through specific keywords that we’ve used recently: “How to know if your website is mobile responsive?”

As you can see here, by building some on-page SEO, we were able to hit the top of the Google search page.  The other important factor this brings up is that you need to know what people are searching for.  At Instant Web Tools we have a team that is capable of finding those keywords and getting them into your content to help lead generation. 

Over these past few blogs, we have taken a deep dive on how potential customers can find you better.  While these steps might seem a little daunting at first, we hope we have made some of these a little more feasible to you.  It is said in a Chinese Proverb that the journey of a thousand miles takes a single step. If you are looking to begin on the SEO journey or you are starting from the top at building your website, we would love to be a part of the adventure with you at Instant Web Tools.

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