Why mobile responsive is important? How to know if my website is responsive or not?

The big question today, why responsive web design is important and how to know if my website is responsive or not.
There are so many websites in the Midwest that are still behind technology. Now, a lot of users in the internet use their phone to search like construction. They businesses like close, uh, businesses, like tracking near me. We use, uh, mobile to search. Okay. So this is one of the business here that we created their website so that we can track the, a, the analytics also. So I’m here. Let me show you what the users actually search when they search a construction near me. Okay. So if you go to the devices, right, and you scroll down here, you can see my screen, people that browse or search or click on that. They use 824 people click using the mobile, okay. Desktop people that use the desktop, they only have 87. So you can see why really, really fun for your website to be mobile responsive so that they’re not going to go to your competitors.
Okay. Here’s another website that you can see why it’s important. Okay. So this is another website that we create did, right? So when you go down here, as you can see the analytics within three last months, they have this, uh, two clicks. And when you scroll down again to the devices, people that use mobile here, it’s 1,528. The people that use the desktop, it’s only, um, 109 people use to search using the desktop or computer tablet. It’s even less. They only have 23 of that. So that’s why it’s very important for your business to go mobile responsive, and we can help on that. Right. So how do I know the next question would be, how do I know if my website is responsive or not? So when you go to your mobile, as you can see here, this is not mobile responsive. That’s how you know, and the text is too small, moving back and forth in your screen. That’s how you can tell that this is not mobile friendly. Here’s another way to test your website. If it’s responsive or not, just go to this search, search dot, google.com and then test, right? And then just go per URL, your website, and then run the test. If, if your website is not mobile responsive, then it would say your website is not mobile responsive, okay. To fix this contact us. And we are glad to talk to you.

To test your website go to https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

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