4 Elements to Consider in Building Your Website

As I mentioned in IWT Blog you have to think of your website as the face of your company.  You want people to remember and recognize your company in the few seconds they have as they visit your site.

When building your website, there are 4 elements that IWT will consider so that we can help you to make a visual impact.

  1. Hosting: Our hosting platform helps your website to quickly load and provides a secure environment. That means that people are more likely to hang around because they are not waiting for the page to load. In fact, we don’t trust your hosting to just anyone; our sites are hosted on our own server. We’re not just setting up 3rd party shared hosting for you.
  2. Mobile Responsiveness: We want to make sure that your website has the capability to adjust to many different screen sizes. It can be frustrating for potential clients if a website can only function well in desktop, especially when sites were viewed by mobile viewers on average 60% of the time in 2020.
  3. Tailored Design: We understand that your site is vital in telling your company’s story. IWT will help you create a unique look and design that is tailored to your brand. We will investigate what will help you stand out from others in your area of expertise.
  4. Custom Functionality: Our team has a variety of skill sets from java script and php, to python. We also offer a great network of partners who can customize specific needs such as apps or surveys based on your needs.

If you need a website for your existing or new business please give us a call at 513-802-4668 for a fresh perspective.

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