6 web design elements in 2022

Web design in 2022 has been progressively changing into a unique structure of web design elements. Every year the trend of web design elements is changing to a specific trend. The reason behind following the trend is that your target audience will see that you’re not an outdated business but a current and relevant.

Here’s 6 Web Design Elements in 2022

  1. Sticky Header– Sticky header is vital in this year because of 80% of web user is in mobile so when someone visit your website the header will follow as your user scroll down on your website.
  2. Live Chatbot– Your user will likely love to see you or one of your team engaging in through the chat.
  3. Load Fast– Fast loading website is necessary, user has only 3 seconds patient but if your website load in 5-6 seconds you’ll likely lose potential customer/client before even seeing your brand, If your website load so slow switch to our hosting, in fact all of our website is loading faster than other popular hosting who sold you with a small amount of space and bandwidth.
  4. Back-up & Security– When you don’t create back up on your website chances are you’ll lose your website when your hosting provider cut-of, without mentioning the security of your website you need a person that will update your website, if you’re using wordpress platform you need to update the core php, plugins and theme. Outdated plugins will result in virus vulnerabilities and hacks comes in. What happened if user not secure visiting your brand website anymore? You lose credibility and potential buyers. Instant web tools team are here to help you with the mess.
  5. Mobile Responsive– Although mobile responsive design it’s been old trends, yet you can see in Midwest US there are so many of websites and technologies are still outdated and not mobile responsive, User is getting frustrated when browsing on the phone resulting in leaving the website without purchasing. When people googled you, mr google will likely suggest you on the search result. Remember the rule of SEO or Search Engine Optimization (another topic) your website must be mobile responsive that is one of the mr google requirements.
  6. Easy Social Sharable– This looks like very simply but it plays a good rules for more traffic from outside source like facebook, twitter, Instagram or any social media that has good amount of audience or eye balls seeing your blog/article or sharing your knowledge to the online community will increase traffic/visitors to your website and with that, having a social icon above or underneath your blog or article will do that job of having an easy click to share.

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