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Yesterday I was posting about Eaton web design at Instant Web Tools blog of our offer  local web design to businesses and organizations in Eaton, Ohio and in communities beyond to help take some of the burden off of their shoulders.

We have learned from personal experience that from finding employees and volunteers to sales and promotion, the task list can seem never-ending.  When it comes to getting the word out about the services and products that your business has to offer, our uniquely hand-picked team can offer some comprehensive solutions to your digital marketing needs.

Why Website Design?

Especially when thinking about the Holidays approaching, we prepare to have guests over to our homes.  When company comes over, we pull out all the stops and get out the best dishes.  You probably clean some of those places that you haven’t touched in a while too!  Don’t you want to give people the best first impression when visiting your home?

It’s the same for your website.  Every home has a story to tell and if you picture your website as your business’ or organizations’ home, telling that story effectively through website design can mean the difference between completing that sale and having the potential customer walk away to the next business.

Let us help you tell your story through web design. What you are looking for in your website? What pages will be the central point? What do you want people to know?  We’ll walk you through finding the right layout and then we’ll work together as you give content and pictures.  The completed design will help share with others about who you are by inviting them into your welcoming “home.”

Why Web Hosting?

Just as you want your house to look good, you also want your house to be safe!

Web hosting is like insurance and security for your home.  If you don’t have those two things, you become susceptible to people breaking in or even worse, ending up with a big bill from uncontrollable circumstances!  A lot of website design companies host through third-party servers, which makes it harder to manage and protect.

Instant Web Tools offers Web Hosting in Eaton, Ohio and beyond and we have our own dedicated server, which helps to keep your website safe from outside threats.  It also offers a very quick loading speed, which in turn gets your information to potential customers without buffering time.

Beyond Hosting and Design

There are additional ways that Instant Web Tools can help your business or organization thrive.  Just as with everything in technology, the website world changes quickly and we want to make sure things are up to date with the coding on your websites.  If you don’t keep up with the regular repairs, it can become a much more expensive project.  We recommend things like monthly maintenance, especially for e-commerce sites where your customer’s information is stored.  Doing these regular repairs on your site can further protect you from hackers and take care of malware that bogs the site down.

We know your business and organization is important to you and when you work with us, we’ll collaborate to provide you the best and safest home to invite potential customers to.

Especially for our Eaton, Ohio friends, we will offer a free mockup of a website home page, graphic, or other business advertisement to let you see what we can do.  Our team has a diverse background that helps us to provide tailored solutions to your digital needs.   Give us a call or email us today at 513-802-4668 or fill-out the form to see what tools we might have to offer you!

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