How to improve your business’s online presence through web design, graphic design, and social media.

As I posted on my previous blog at Instant Web Tools, we consistently get asked about how to either launch or improve a business’s online presence through web designgraphic design, and social media. For those of you starting a new venture, whether a small local business in your town, a large corporation, or online, it can be both exciting and a little intimidating- let’s admit it! As the founders of both Instant Web Tools and a Non-Profit, we understand this journey first hand and want to help those of you desiring to grow your influence and awareness online.

It’s so important to be able to tell the story of what you do and offer through a website.  We want to help make sure you understand the process involved in doing that, whether it be crafting your logo and graphic design needs (with revisions so we make sure to get what best represents you), gaining an idea about how we do web hosting and web development, or what ongoing maintenance and security it takes to keep your site running smoothly.

We understand as entrepreneurs that sometimes you don’t have a lot of startup funding, so we will try to help create a plan based on your current budgeting needs along with some flexible payment options.

For those of you on the other side who have been at your business for a while, sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes to look at your existing website or social media to help keep you up to date with new design trends.  Making sure your site is mobile responsive is very key in a world where the majority of views come from cell phones.  We’ll review your site for free and see what ways Instant Web Tools might be able to help.

Another thing businesses often encounter with their sites, are issues like broken links, hacking, or plug ins that just seem to keep malfunctioning.  If you keep getting error messages or have things that continually seem to not be working right,  we can help to diagnose and troubleshoot problems, migrate your web hosting if that is part of the problem, and/or find new tools for you to use that will help alleviate these persistent issues.

Instant Web Tools hopes to have all the different tools that you might need to improve your online quality.  If we don’t offer it ourselves, we also are connected with some great partners that we will plug you in with.  These are people who help with things like fast loading website pages and who can help you create different things like apps when you require some additional platforms for your business.

As we work together, we’ll also help to connect you to potential customers through our search engine optimizationGoogle visibility, through Facebook Post Boosting, and even monthly social media targeting.

No matter what you might find yourself in need of, how do you get started?

  1. Contact us online at, emailing [email protected], or through calling 513-802-4668.
  2. Once you share more with us about what you are looking for, we’ll create a plan together for what we can help you with including:
    1. Working through any graphic and logo design you might need.
    2. The Website Hosting and Development process
    3. E-Commerce, Plug Ins and Apps
    4. Monthly website maintenance and security
    5. Search Engine Optimization and Google Visibility
    6. Social Media Post Design and Weekly Updates

Our heart at Instant Web Tools is to see businesses succeed and to grow to their maximum potential through their online presence and we would love to be a part of your journey.  Call or email us today!

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