Things you need to know about website

approximately 380 new websites are created every minute! No wonder it is hard to buy a domain, and here’s the benefit: Easy Access to New Customers, Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness, Improve Productivity, Expand Your Market

Extend Your Local Reach, Promote & Sell Products & Services Promote Your Brick and Mortar Footprint, When You Change Locations, Great Tool for Finding New Employees, Your Own Internet Identity and Build Your Reputation. All your advertisement in radio, tv, twitter, facebook, youtube and all social media is pointing people to your website. That is why it’s very it’s have a clean and mobile friendly website.
Here’s the basic breakdown of what you are paying for your website:

  1. Domain $17 yearly
  2. Hosting $95 monthly
  3. Design $4,500 one time

Additional Services:
Monthly Update: $360 monthly
SEO Search Engine Optimization: $1,200 monthly
Then you go to the next level: Which is bringing traffic to your business website like
PPC- Pay Per Click- monthly
Facebbook Ad- monthly
Google Ad- monthly

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