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5 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence:
At Instant Web Tools, we desire to help our clients create an easy and less time consuming way to manage technology. Many businesses succeed because of their online presence and brand awareness, but that can be time consuming.
So how can we help your online presence be strong AND managed easily? You don’t have to break the bank or be a technical wizard. Through these 5 ways, we will show you how to save time and be productive using tools we provide.
1. Use an all-in-one dashboard,
All is one analytic dashboard will save you so much time in monitoring your statistics in many platforms. That means you don’t have to open so many tabs and login in your browser. With our all in one analityc platforms you only need to open one dashboard for facebook, Instagram, youtube, emails & etc… One of the powerful features are email reporting it will send you a pdf or image of the analytics and notify you via email.
2. Use a mobile responsive design, Have you ever have those moment you went to vacation and booking a place to stay and their website is not mobile responsive? It force you to zoom in and out on your screen because you can read the text. A very frustrating.
3. Use our lightning speed web hosting, To deliver your website in less than 2 seconds can save the world, who like to visit a site that slow loading like pouring honey into your spoon? The answer is obvious nobody like it, Infact the statistic shows that user left site when it loads 4-5 seconds. Instant web tools hosting will power-up your website.
4. Social Media post and graphics, most of local store and small business struggles is to maintain & create graphics. Our team is going to design a fantastic ready to post graphic for your next post so that you don’t have to worry about it.
5. The last but not least: SEO & Email Marketing: Even though this method is old but still working on today’s world, not all people has a social media account. We need to make sure that every visitor will go to your website is encourage to sign-up for your raffle promo or any other give away to keep visitors interested in signing up your newsletter.
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