Christian Businesses Survey

This survey
is designed
to help you think
about ways
your organization
impacts people:
its employees,
and community.

You can take
as much time
as you want,
but most people
complete the survey
in 15-20 minutes.

You’ll be shown
a series of statements
that describe ways
that a company
or its employees
might think or behave.

Select the response
that best indicates
how well each statement
describes your organization.

Is this statement
very true
of your company,
or not very true
of your company?

you’re answering
for the organization
as a whole,
not necessarily
for yourself,
your department,
or any specific person
who works there.

Please note:
there are no
“right” or “wrong”
This is
your opinion
based on
your observations
and experiences.

The survey
is anonymous.
So say
what you
really think!

Before we begin,
please share
the name
of your organization.
#christianbusiness #faithbasedorganization #instantwebtools

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