Kingdom Legacy Ministries: Transforming Lives and Inspiring Hope

Kingdom Legacy Ministries (KLM) is a beacon of hope and an engine of change. Founded by Dennis and Emily Alejo, KLM operates with a mission to feed, educate, and nurture the spiritual growth of children. Dennis’s personal experience of growing up with limited opportunities in the Philippines fuels his passion for helping others. His story of resourcefulness, such as his grandmother cutting a pencil into three pieces for him and his cousins, embodies the spirit of resilience that drives KLM.

KLM focuses on three core programs to make a lasting impact:

Feeding Program: Twice a week, KLM provides hot, nutritious meals to children, addressing immediate nutritional needs and offering a sense of security and care.

Back to School Program: For just $30, KLM can send a child to school for a year, providing school supplies and uniforms. Each year, the number of children supported increases, empowering them with education and hope for a brighter future.

Christmas Gift Project: Every year, KLM gives a $10 gift to each child, including essentials like toothpaste, toothbrushes, toys, and a T-shirt, spreading joy and love during the holiday season.

KLM has also established two churches in feeding locations, facilitating weekly Bible studies and worship. In 2023 alone, 37 individuals accepted the Lord, and 27 were baptized. Additionally, 100 children went back to school, and 300 received Christmas gifts.

The success of KLM relies on the collective efforts of supporters, volunteers, and partners. To support KLM’s mission, consider donating or joining a mission trip. Visit to learn more and get involved. Together, we can create a legacy of hope and transformation.

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