Kingdom Legacy Mission Trip

Finishing up ministry for the day and reflecting…boy was it a very init (hot) day!
The day started with a huge team effort. We had our kitchen helpers preparing a big meal of pancit sandwiches for the feeding program today. Our ywam/USA team took on dividing rice and packaging it along with the sardines and noodles for our families.
200 bags later, we began preparing a tool we used to tell the Gospel for our sweeties. Each bead we packed into bags along with the chord so they could make a bracelet as we told the story of Christ.
Black is for our sin
Red is for Jesus who died for our sins
Blue is for believing in Jesus and putting our faith in Him
Yellow is for the change in our lives that we shine to the world
And Green is for growing in him through the Bible, prayer an doing to church
After all the preparation and an amazing group of willing people, families began arriving over 2 hours early! Not only that, but we had so many, we had to tell the Gospel three different times to get them all through.
We had a team working inside with adults and a team outside with our sweeties and we eventually came together for our feeding. We had some great helpers engage the kiddos in song before eating! So thankful for our team friends who stepped in to help and love and translate!
A large majority of our parents accepted the Gospel and we’re able to hear about ways to get connected into the church. Our littles were able to tell the story of the Gospel with their bracelets and many of them prayed to receive Jesus as well.
My eyes well with tears at a few things today.
1. To see such a God ordained team today work so hard in the heat to help reach families.
2. To see how many of the families were able to hear the truth of Jesus’ love for them.
3. The ability for our kids to take their bracelets into their neighborhoods and share what the beads meant to their friends.
4. The provision of God through all of you!!! This would not have been possible without our friends who helped and our church who stood behind us to help make this day possible!
Again, a theme runs in my mind’s of the magnitude of what God can do with willing hearts that give sacrificially through time, serving, and financially supporting klm.
Today over 300 kids and parents lives were impacted because of God’s hand and open hearts to serve, love and give. Thank you for helping change lives!
So much more to come!
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