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Kingdom Legacy Back To School 2021
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Back to School 2021!

At KLM, one of three main areas that we work in is sponsoring children to be able to go back to school. From year to year, it’s hard for families who have multiple children, yet work for only a few dollars a day to even think about going to school.

KLM tries to take some of this pressure off of the families by sponsoring children each year to go to school. As we first help meet that immediate need of hungry kids, then we want to help them begin to find ways to break the cycle of poverty, and one of those ways is by getting an education.

This year, with generous sponsors, we were able to see 64 kids sent back to school with uniforms, school supplies, a new pair of sandals, and their school fees paid for the year!

As you can see from these photos, the kids were so thankful and so are we! Thank you to all of our sponsors who continue to give in such a generous, generous way!

Over the next few weeks, we continue to focus in our project to raise funds for the purchase of this building that can change lives. It allows us to do things like sending kids to school, feeding them, helping them to grow in character and their relationship with the Lord.

Folks- we are getting close to half way there! Would you consider giving us a gift to help us reach that half way point? We only need about $6000 more to do that.
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