Why creating content is necessary by Dennis Alejo

Content is a powerful form of communication. In fact, we all communicate through content, but if you’re not sharing it in digital or non-digital forms, nobody will know you.
Two years ago, on my birthday, my wife gifted me a book. I’m not a reader, so I laughed about it. However, because she put effort into selecting this book, I decided that before reading it, I needed to know the author. I googled the author’s name and found a video. As I listened, I became interested in reading the book. After finishing the book, I googled more of his content and continued listening.
One of the most impactful insights I heard was the phrase “robbed the cemetery,” which means to die empty. Don’t die because you’re old; die because you have fulfilled your life’s destiny or purpose. The author followed this by saying the cemetery is the richest place on earth because many great ideas, innovations, books, and dreams were buried there, unrealized.
As I kept listening, I realized that this author died 10 years ago, yet he continues to touch lives through his content. This experience inspired me to challenge you to keep sharing your story, writing articles, sharing your story, and writing a book.

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