Youngest man raised money for nonprofit Kingdom Legacy Ministries

Pam: So Mason, we have done this Kingdom Legacy Ministries Christmas project every year for like the last three or four years, right? And we do it because of you really. So why is this project something that’s so important to you?

Mason: I feel like every person young or old deserves a Christmas no matter who they are. Yeah, and for our friends in the Philippines, they don’t really get to have a lot of things that we already have. We’re very blessed here, aren’t we?

Pam: Yes, so we have focused on this project before and last year I found out from Miss Emily that you raised $680 and that $680 provided Christmas for 68 kids. So what is your goal this year?

Mason: $8,000 for 80 kids. I mean, 800 for 80 kids, $800. We’ll go with $800 first. We’ll get to that $8,000 though. Billion by the time we’re done, we’re going to give every kid in the Philippines Christmas, but this year the goal is $800, right?

Pam: Yes, and so that will provide Christmas for 80 kids. And so what kinds of things do they normally get in their Christmas box from the Kingdom Legacy Ministries?

Mason: They get toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap and other stuff like that, cuz they don’t have any of that there, right? And then they also get a few things that they need and then they also get some fun stuff, right? Some little toys, it might be like a deck of cards or a little game or something like that or a small toy kind of like the Happy Meal toys that we get here. You know, in our family we save our Happy Meal toys so that when uh Mr. Dennis and Miss Emily go visit they can take toys with them too.

Pam: So we set the goal for $800 to be raised that would be 80 kids, so each box only costs $10 to sponsor. So you can sponsor a child for just $10 to provide them with Christmas. Now we do need to get these funds in pretty quickly, so we’ve set a goal for ourselves to have that $800 raised by the 15th of December. And that’s so that we can get uh that money over to Kingdom Legacy Ministries and they can take care of the shopping for us.

Mason: Do you have anything special you’d like to ask any of our friends? Can you please help us with our goal to reach $800 for all those kids in the Philippines because they need it a lot more than probably any of us do?

Pam: Absolutely. So I’m going to put a link uh down below.
You are welcome to give to Kingdom Legacy Ministries directly if that’s your preference. Um, so I’ll put a link to that in the comments also. Uh, I will put my Venmo and PayPal information if you would like to send it to us directly. We are happy to take care of getting it to Kingdom Legacy Ministries for you. Um, if you do donate directly to KLM, please make a note that um it is for Mason’s fundraising. Um, just because we like to keep track so every year we can increase the goal. Um, and then if you are local and want us to pick it up, we’d be happy to meet with you so that we can pick up your donation as well. So just send me a message, let me know and we will make sure that Mason can come collect it. So thanks so much for listening. We’re looking forward to being able to celebrate Christmas with our friends in the Philippines by sharing a little bit of Christmas love with them. So thank you and Merry Christmas.

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