Ways to grow your channel

Youtube is next trend on social media, this platform allows you to make money by monetizing your channel and business sponsorship.
2 ways to grow your YouTube channel.

  1. Organic Subscribers
  2. Artificial Subscribers

Organic subscribers are people who love the content of your video “How to fix ca car with a screw driver”

Your friends and network that knows you can be called organic subscribers.

Artificial Subscribers, are normally generated by a robot, this is a violation of YouTube policies

The robot can actually generate subscribers and viewers like cray amount of people.

The YouTube algorithm can detect the fake views and subscribers on your account, so YouTube has a right to take out your video or destroy your channel because you are violating the policy.

Another artificial way of generating subscribers and viewers are buying subscribers, they can produce 0-500 subscribers overnight.  To by subscribers click here: sba.agency

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