Why web as a platform is the future?

You heared that right, web as a platform is the future, Or a WAAP business model. Have you heard about SAAS? SAAS is stands for “Software as a service” It’s a subscription base meaning, you pay monthly for a software you used. Here’s the other one called PAAS It’s stands for “Platform as a service” and here’s the other one called WAAS it’s “Website As A Service” WAAS is very famous back 2016 and can be built in any platform, But everybody knows that the 64.3% of websites globally use wordpress platform according to w3techs research in 2021. Then the future is here called WAAP it’s stands for “Web As A Platform”   WAAP is created/designed by IWT or Instant Web Tools team.

Inside the WAAP dashboard is a video tutorial, page builder, themes, plugins and support system, incase you need help creating or designing your website. One of the most advantage using WAAP is that you don’t have to worry about; Hosting, Security, Themes, Plugins and even developer to support you it’s all in one type of service.

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