Sync With God

Meet Mark Pomeroy the Founder of Sync with God movement.

Sync with God

Connectivity is essential! We need connectivity to get our work done, to interact with key people, to use GPS or stream Netflix. Connecting to God is essential to your personal ministry and that of your staff. Sync with God’s timely development will resolve connectivity issues related to your personal Christian outreach. I’d like to share how Sync came about and its potential impact for Christ’s Kingdom when you partner with us.

For years Sync’s founders had been sharing Christ through face-to-face interactions, with great results! They were finding, though, that actual conversations with today’s young people seemed awkward or were cut-off abruptly. The iPhone generation can come across detached or even standoffish. These outgoing Christian guys (founders of Sync) soon found out that churches all over the United States were grappling with how to bridge the connection gap with young people. Through talking to their own kids and reading up on it, they concluded that a web app that allows for hosting online small groups would solve the dilemma! Yes, this strategy has huge potential for the church overall!

Research indicates that 64% of the world’s populations are either Millennials (19-39 years-old) or Generation Z (born since 2001) according to Bloomberg (2018). More astounding, only 1 in 5 people of these generations identify themselves as being a Christian; with 34% identifying as atheist (PEW Research). These emerging generations have become the most interconnected population of the century — wanting more transparency, stability and virtual connection than any other previous generation.

By conducting extensive online software research, Sync quickly learned that no all-in-one app existed and began constructing an integrated platform that includes video chat, screen share, text chat, journaling, file storage, monitoring capability, and modules that can be led by passionate and influential mentors. The software is the segue to get young people engaged, as well as the means for well-ordered instruction. Sync’s objective is to provide opportunities for Christ-followers to strengthen relationships with seekers in a supportive and safe virtual small group environment. Everyone can freely exchange ideas, learn, study, pray and apply God’s word together from anywhere with Internet access, at any time.

Imagine doing ministry and discipleship in secure, encrypted, private, virtual small groups in China and other countries where Christians are arrested if they gather together! Two-thirds are young people!

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